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Hb Aquacal 2000

Microsoft Word - Aquacal May 14.doc AquaCal2000PURE WATER CONDUCTIVITY METEROPERATION GUIDEPrefacePrefaceProduct warrantyThis guide together with its associated software media and hardware has a warranty againstdefects in materials and workmanship for a period of three years from the date of shipmentDuring this period LTH will at its own discretion either repair or replace products that prove to b...

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S Aquapiv LC - Mild steel chilled water HRS AquaModule AMB AMP SeriesHRS Aquapiv HC - Mild steel hot water HRS AquaFumo AF SeriesHRS Aquapiv - Mild steel hot or chilled waterHRS Aquacal - DHW storage calorifiers Pressure Jet BoilersHRS Aquastor RC - Buffer vessel internally coated HRS LR LRR LRPNT Series - Oil or gas firedHRS Aquastor L - Buffer vessel stainles steelHRS Aquastor - DHW Buffer vesse

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