Listening to various electronica, ripped vinyl, live acoustic performances–anything with sound waves–I sensed underneath the enhanced lows and highs, an energy that just made my music sound nicer. It has a few issues most notably that it relies external power when connected to a non-PC source and the required AC power cable is not provided, but other than that it offers brilliant audio quality at an affordable price. With everything provided, setting up the Wireless Music System from Creative was straight forward enough. Most people won’t notice it, but it may be enough to put off audiophiles. Page 1 of 1.

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Touch screen visibility and operation was great and easy to navigate. Going a step further is the new Xmod Wireless Music System, the latest product to bear the Creative stamp that’s designed to install convenience into home entertainment no less. Review Sections Review Prices Specs. Adjustments are made using the large silver knob in the centre of the unit; allowing you to control the intensity of the effects and volume.

The features, CMSS 3D and the Crystalizer, each have their own switches and are user-tweakable, though they both default at 50 percent. The Xmod is a brilliant product.

MP3s do sound better The Crystalizer upconverts music to bit audio and fills in the missing gaps in lower and higher frequencies. At the heart of the technology are algorithms that upconvert or as Creative says, “restores” music to bit surround audio audio CDs are bit. Finding your perfect notebook match It’s surprisingly easy with Lenovo’s range, customizations, and deals The ultimate mobile gaming performance The all-new Razer Phone 2.


However, credits to Creative, we think they do have a strong proposition to sell. In a worst case scenario it’s possible that it might be necessary to select the Xmod as the Default device in Sound and Audio Devices in the Windows Control Panel Mac users may need to do similar.

Creative Xmod Specs – CNET

And extraneous hiss is minimal at worst. Incredibly simple to use; superb surround sound effect through headphones; relatively low cost; giant silver volume knob. You simply adjust the effects level by rotating the knob. The Xmod’s connectivity is understandably limited – it is a stereo, 2-channel unit after all.

This makes it brilliant as a companion for a laptop without a high-end creagive dedicated sound card. This review, for example, is being typed on a three-quarter-sized keyboard in the waiting room of a doctor’s surgery.

With this switched on, the X-Fi processor theoretically enhances your music up to bit quality, which is above that of a regular CD CDs are bit. The Xmod’s rubber feet keep it in place on your desktop where the attractive unit fits right in.

It can also be the wireless answer for those who have been xmoe high and low for a way for an affordable solution for wireless rear speakers in their multi-channel home theatre systems.

It is basically an enhanced surround sound mode, which improves directional and position audio. In fact, there is no software or drivers to install at all. It does this by taking certain frequencies at extreme ends of the spectrum and fills in sounds that it calculates are missing.


We were glad to discover that the presence of Bluetooth devices and mobile phones was not an issue to the transmission performance of the Xmod Wireless Music system. What it does offer are two key technologies that have an impact on movies and music, namely CMS-3D and Crystaliser.

creative xmod

Only then can we can turn our backs on the desktop for crdative. Sign up to gain exclusive access to email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, and much more. We plugged the transmitter into our laptop with the bundled USB cable and settled the receiver unit in another room. The Xmod is a 4. Crystallizer expands the sound field of a stereo signal. Sign in with LinkedIn Sign in with Facebook.

Both have a large volume dial finished with a blue glowing ring with the dial also acting as a power button. The whole unit is smaller than a deck of cards and is extremely lightweight. Our main complaint with the design is its reliance on external power.

The real gem of this product, however, is the X-Fi Crystaliser mode.